Commercial Carpet Cleaning RI

We offer professional commercial carpet cleaning in the RI area and would love to offer our affordable services to your business.

Commercial carpet cleaning generally is for larger, continuous floor plans. Smaller offices with a handful of rooms can typically get our “residential” carpet cleaning.

Commercial carpet cleaning also sometimes requires the use of our non-truck-mount carpet cleaning equipment, either due to the size of the floor plans or being an excessive number of stories up. While generally considered less powerful than a truck mount, a portable carpet cleaner is more than adequate for just about all carpet cleaning jobs, especially on the carpets typically found in offices which have short, dense piles or made of carpet tiles.

With the flooring in most businesses taking a beating day in and day out from heavy customer traffic, your carpets may need stain removal and stain protection, or perhaps you have an area rug which needs cleaned as well. Our cleaning technicians have experience removing many common stains, and if it’s possible to remove a stain or odor, we’ll be able to do it. We have these services available to our commercial customers as well. Once your carpets or rugs are cleaned up, our carpet and stain protection service featuring ScotchGard will help your carpets stay cleaner longer.

Typically, commercial carpet cleaning is billed based on the number of square feet of carpet, and potentially on other factors such as difficulty of access, the need to go around obstacles or moving furniture. For a detailed, accurate quote for your RI business, contact us today and we will get you a response as soon as possible.