Residential Carpet Cleaning RI

Residential Carpet CleaningAffordable residential carpet cleaning is just a phone call or email away. As a locally owned and operated RI carpet cleaning service, we take pride in serving our neighbors with our top-notch cleaning services. Contact us to get ourprofessional carpet cleaning service for your RI carpets – our satisfaction guarantee says you won’t be disappointed.

Our carpet cleaning technicians are trained and certified in the science (yes, there’s a science to it!) of carpet cleaning – the proper steam temperature and pressure settings, best cleaning agents, and safe, proper treatment methods for stain removal as well as stain protection.

Most home carpets need cleaned ever 18 months or so – lightly trafficked carpets may be able to go 24 months or longer, while a home with several children may need carpets cleaned every 12 months. This periodic cleaning is needed to maintain a carpet and extend its life – in fact the trapped dirt, besides being unattractive, wears away carpet fibers, leading to a worn look.

Additionally your carpets over time collect many allergens like dust mites, dander, and pollen, as well as bacteria and viruses. A professionally carpet cleaning safely removes or kills virtually all allergens and bacteria thanks to its powerful cleaning action and the high-temperature water used in the cleaning process.

Contact us today to schedule your RI residential carpet cleaning.